Singapore Notary Public

Issues relating to scheduling an appointment with our Notary Public – please read before booking.

Certified True Copy of Document

For Certified True Copy, please ensure that you bring the ORIGINAL DOCUMENT and a true photocopy thereof. We will not certify on copy where ORIGINAL is NOT produced.

Witnessing your Signature

Please ensure that:

  • ensure all particulars in forms and documents are duly completed (no blank spaces allowed)
  • ensure that all names and ID numbers are exactly the same as per ID document(s) to be produced in our office
  • do NOT Pre-Sign document / Form in advance (Common Error)

    the person signing must be present and sign in the presence of  Notary Public (including Company Director, if applicable)

Online Verification

If Online Verification is required for bank statement(s), utilities bills, etc, there is a minimum service charge per document / account verification fee (subject to increment based on time spent).

Where possible, please bring along your own laptop with internet access. We may refuse to notarise without furnishing any reason.

Attesting True Likeness

If Attesting True Likeness service is required, please ensure photos and ID or Passport photos are your recent photos and are representative of your current facial appearance.

Third Party Verification

If third party verification from the recipient (foreign lawyer or bank) of our notarized document is required, please take note of our Third Party Verification Fee.

Notary Public Fee

For Notary Public Fee, please use Notary Fee Calculator