Singapore Commissioner for Oaths

Singapore Notary Public of Loh Eben Ong

Singapore Commissioner for Oaths administers oaths / affirmations in respect of affidavits to be used in Singapore Court proceedings, or statutory declarations to be used in Singapore.

Deponents / declarants who wish to have their affidavits and statutory declarations affirmed/sworn/declared may proceed to book an Appointment with our Commissioner for Oaths. Commissioner for Oaths’ fees are statutory prescribed (standard) rates, and rates between different Commissioner for Oaths should not vary, save for circumstances.

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Commissioning Fee

Fees are primarily statutory prescribed

Fee Calculator

SD Format

Statutory decarations in Singapore are governed by the Oaths and Declarations Act

Specimen SD Format

Specimen formats of the Singapore SD for reference only.

SD Specimen (pdf)
SD Specimen (word)

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