One parent can sign a Deed Poll to change his or her child’s name, but must obtain the consent of the other parent unless he or she has passed away or is uncontactable. The parent who signed the Deed Poll and attend at ICA will need to do the requisite Declaration at ICA. If only 1 parent is signing the Deed Poll, we require that parent to sign a declaration that he/she has gotten the consent of the other parent, or the other parent is not contactable or has passed away.

Please be advised that when changing the surname of a child with a Deed Poll signed by 1 parent (where there are 2 parents stated in the child’s birth certificate), ICA may take issue with or object to  the proposed change of surname.

Notwithstanding that we have prepared the Deed Poll for changing of surname, we do not warrant or represent that ICA will effect the change.