If you are signing the Power of Attorney overseas (outside Singapore), you will need to sign it in the presence of either a Singapore Consulate Officer officiating in the Country of your stay or a Notary Public (who is duly appointed in that Country).

Signing before Singapore Consulate Officer

It is our preference that you sign the Power of Attorney before a Singapore Consulate Officer (if one is available) as the authentication of such an Officer is easier to verify than a foreign Notary Public.

Full Payment

If you have engaged us for your Singapore Power of Attorney, we will require full payment of our charges prior to sending the Power of Attorney to you by email or other mode of delivery.

Completion of Particulars

When signing overseas, please ensure that the Notary Public or Singapore Consulate Officer (as the case may be) complete all the particulars stated in the Power of Attorney, and sign and affix his/her official seal as shown in our specimen Power of Attorney. Failure to do so may render the Power of Attorney being rejected by the High Court for registration or being queried in respect of the manner or validity of execution.

For Power of Attorney executed outside Singapore and witnessed by a Notary Public, the High Court may request for further evidence of due execution by you, and/or verify the validity of the Notary Public’s appointment and/or other particulars. In those scenarios, please note that we will require you to obtain such requirements, and if additional work is required, we may charge additional costs and expense incurred.

You may wish to furnish us copies of the Notary Public’s name card, official receipt for witnessing the Power of Attorney, and/or other evidence of his/her due appointment as a Notary Public. It may be a good practice to attach the Notary Public original Certificate of Attestation (or similar certificate) to the Power of Attorney.

Review of Contents

Prior to your execution of the Power of Attorney, please peruse the said document carefully and ensure that you fully understand the contents and the powers that you are giving to your intended Attorney. If there are errors in any of the particulars in the Power of Attorney, please inform us immediately.

Proper Execution

Please be advised that if the Power of Attorney is not properly executed and/or witnessed, the High Court may reject the same for registration. In that event, additional costs and/or expense may be incurred by you for preparation of a fresh set of Power of Attorney and for you to re-sign the same.

Return of Power of Attorney

After execution of the Power of Attorney, please return the same to us together with true copy/copies of your Identity card(s) and/or Passport(s) (if not yet forwarded to us) to our Singapore Office.