Unlike most businesses with listing of “client testimonials” on their websites, we do not believe in offering self-serving statements and self-praise of ourselves, although we pride ourselves in providing high quality legal services at reasonable rates.

Like the saying goes, “Self Praise is international disgrace“, so we avoid providing list and list of “clients’ testimonials” on our websites, and other platforms (eg. Facebook, Mobile App) just to show the world how “great” or “good” we are.

It is our clients that judge us on the level of our service, and we do not have a habit of asking them for their testimonials as we are focused on getting the work done to the best of our abilities.

If our clients liked our service, they will repeat their engagement of LOH EBEN ONG and/or recommend us to their family and friends, and we are truly thankful for these repeat engagement and recommendation.

Loh Eben Ong having more than 20 years history (since 1994) is by itself a testament of our reliability, credibility and reputation.