Once the Power of Attorney is duly deposited at the High Court of Singapore, we will send the original Power of Attorney to you in accordance with the “mode of collection” indicated by you. Additional charges may be incurred if the mode of delivery is by courier, hand, or express mail.

We will then write a Letter of Confirmation to HDB that, amongst others, we have used one of the prescribed HDB Power of Attorney formats, and render HDB a copy of the Power of Attorney (for those that has an HDB Flat address indicated thereon).

After the receipt of the original Power of Attorney from us, you or your Attorney may then proceed to the relevant HDB Department at the appropriate time:-

Operating Department
For applications to sell/purchase an HDB flat from the open market HDB’s Resale Unit
For applications to purchase an HDB flat directly from HDB HDB’s Sales Unit
For applications to sublet an HDB flat HDB’s Branch Office in the respective estates

Important Note: The above table only serves as a general guide, and may not be accurate or correct as at the time of your application. Please note that HDB’s rules and/or procedures may change from time to time or vary from department to department, so it is important that you verify the documents required from the relevant department prior to your application for a Power of Attorney. If you require a certified true copy of the Power of Attorney by the High Court, additional expense payable to the High Court and our service charge will be borne by you.