All our legal webforms in this site and our related sites are specially designed and crafted for each legal service, such as Deed Poll or Wills Online or Lasting Power of Attorney.

We have spent hours to specifically tailor each webform for the specific legal service offered online, and often times, we need to balance between too much details, and user friendliness. Some of our forms (eg. Deed Poll, Power of Attorney, Singapore Wills) are intelligent and interactive, i.e. relevant fields will appear for you to complete upon selection of certain answers in prior fields.

Despite some of our webforms being lengthy or slightly complex, our users over the years have no problem in successfully submitting them.

As we know that many users are accessing our sites through their smart mobile devices (iPhone, Android phone, tablets), we have made our websites mobile friendly. Users can also download our SG Lawyers Mobile App at Apple AppStore or Google Play to submit our services online.

More innovative online legal services will be offered from time to time, and we are always finding better ways to interact with our users to ensure a smooth passage in using our Online Legal Services.

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