Many people submitted their applications via Deed Poll Online through our websites at and or SG Lawyers Mobile App. However, some may wish to take their time to complete a form at home or in their office, or may be concern with the inherent risk of online submission.

Offline Deed Poll Service (introduced in June 2004 at our sister site of is an extension of our Online Legal Services, allows you to download any of our Deed Poll Offline forms (in either word or pdf format) from our website, and submit your completed Deed Poll application via email, fax or post.

To use our Offline Service:-

  • download the Deed Poll Offline Form below, either the word or pdf format
  • for word format, please complete in Office Word, and for pdf version, use either Adobe Reader Free (use Tools/Comments) or Adobe Acrobat
  • sign the completed form and submit by email, fax or post

Although the forms and their contents, design, layout, concept and formats are copyrighted to Loh Eben Ong LLP, users may download the forms (in their most current version) and circulate them to others strictly for genuine purposes, provided that the forms remain in their original condition, and no alteration is permitted without our express written consent.

Deed Poll Offline Application by Post/Mail, Fax and Email To submit the Deed Poll Offline application form, please click on any of the links below or right click on your mouse and “save target as”.