Redemption of Property in Singapore

//Redemption of Property in Singapore

Redemption of Property in Singapore

If wish to fully repay your Mortgage loan or nearing the end of the term loan, or you wish to fully repay the CPF funds used or discharge the CPF Charge, you may need a Redemption.  In a redemption cases, you will require a Singapore Property Lawyer to assist you in the Conveyancing process to discharge the mortgage or CPF Charge

For redemption of Mortgage Loan, your appointed Singapore Lawyers will liaise with your Mortgagee (Bank or Finance Companies) on the redemption or discharge of the Mortgage and prepare the relevant documentation.

In respect of the CPF Board’s Charge over your Property, you may have reached 55 years’ of age (retirement age), and wish to discharge the Charge over the property. In this case, you may need to appoint a law firm to liaise with CPF Board and/or its lawyers on the discharge of the CPF Charge and prepare the relevant documentation.


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